Garage Door Repair Tips in Katy TX

Having a broken Garage Door Repair in Katy TX can be a very frustrating experience. You may not even be sure what to do, but luckily, there are some easy solutions to help you get your garage door back in working order.


Performing proper maintenance on your garage door can increase the lifespan of your door. It’s also a smart financial move. Regular maintenance can help you identify problem areas and get them fixed before they become serious issues.

The best time to perform maintenance on your door is during the summer months. Checking the rollers, hinges, and tracks will show you the condition of important components.

If your door seems to be creaking or making odd noises, a spring may be damaged. A broken spring will cause a loud bang when you open and close the door. This is not a good sign.

A broken spring will not be able to hold the weight of your door. It can also cause your garage door to be out of balance, which can strain the motor and cause the door to fall off track.

You should also check the weatherstripping on your door. This keeps out water, dust, and cold weather. If it is damaged, you should replace it.

If you’re not handy with tools, a garage door specialist can perform this maintenance for you. For a nominal fee, they will inspect your door and make the necessary repairs.

Aside from a new weather seal, you should also replace the decorative hardware on your door. Over time, these hardware pieces may change color and become unsightly. They also need to be cleaned.

The garage door opener is another important component. You should regularly check its wattage and battery backup. You should also make sure the lift cable is not in contact with the opener. A faulty cable can cause serious injury or even death.

In addition, you should do a visual inspection of your tracks, edge seals, and cables. If you have wood doors, be sure to check for rust spots.

Torsion springs

Changing torsion springs can be tricky. The springs are heavy and under a lot of pressure. It is recommended that you hire a professional to perform the job. Failure to do so can result in injuries, property damage, and even death. If you plan on tackling this task on your own, you will need to educate yourself on the proper tools.

First, measure the spring’s inside diameter. The diameter should be a scaled version of the actual size of the spring. The inside diameter can be measured with a tape measure or caliper.

The next step is to measure the thickness of the coil. This is a bit tricky since rusty coils can throw off the measurements. The most efficient way to do this is to measure 20 coils.

Finally, measure the length of the torsion spring from one end to the other. Measurement is important since you need to have a good idea of the overall length. If you’re unsure of the exact length, you can use a ruler to measure along the inside diameter.

The best measurement is not the most obvious one. A good way to tell if the spring is properly wound is to measure the resistance as you wind it. The resistance should be roughly equal to one coil per turn. If it isn’t, the spring is not wound properly.

The most important thing to remember is to properly handle the torsion spring. It is best to handle the spring on a flat surface and avoid touching the bolts. Do not wind it up too tight or it could damage the torsion tube. If you aren’t sure how to handle a spring, seek professional help.

Counterbalance cables

Keeping garage doors working properly is important. However, a broken or frayed cable can damage the whole structure. That is why you should always call a professional to repair a broken cable.

The cables on your Garage Door Repair in Katy TX work with the springs to counterbalance the weight of the door. This allows the springs to safely hold the door in place. If you have a cable that is frayed or damaged, you will need to replace it.

A broken cable can also create excess tension, which will cause the door to become difficult to open or close. It may also cause the garage door to shake or squeak. That can also cause injury to anyone in the area.

Garage door cables are made of steel or metal. They are attached to the bottom brackets of the garage door and the springs on both sides of the door. They connect at an angle to the spring. The cable is held in place with a clevis pin.

Cables also come in different types, including extension springs and torsion springs. Extension springs offer more lifting force. Torsion springs provide less lifting force and are safer to use. When installed correctly, they are quieter.

Torsion springs are installed on a steel shaft above the door opening. The shaft connects to the cable drums and drums are turned when the springs unwind. When the door is closed, the drums return to their full tension.

Garage doors are heavy, and when they are not handled properly, they can cause injury. In addition, a broken cable can cause other cables to break and fray.

To keep garage doors working properly, it is important to regularly inspect the cable and pulleys for wear and tear. Whether you need to replace the cable or pulleys, call a professional garage door company.

Infrared safety eye system

Having an infrared safety eye system installed on your garage door is a great way to protect your family. It helps detect obstructions, small children, and pets and prevents your garage door from closing on someone or something.

The system involves two sensors that work together to monitor the presence of objects in the path of the door. If one of the sensors is not properly aligned, the garage door will not close.

The sensor is usually two inches off the ground. One sensor sends out an infrared beam and the other receives it. If an object passes through the beam, it will reverse the door. This helps prevent accidents from occurring and prevents injury.

If you have an infrared safety eye system installed, you should check its lenses to ensure that they are clean. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean them. You should also check the wiring to the motor to make sure it’s working properly.

If your sensor is malfunctioning, it may be due to a broken beam. It can also be due to a misaligned sensor, an obstruction, or other reasons. It can also be a simple repair.

If your sensor is blinking, it means that it isn’t aligned properly. Usually, it’s a simple fix. You can align the sensor by bending a bracket or using a screwdriver. If it doesn’t work, it may be a more complicated issue.

Another thing that can affect the signal between the sensors is direct sunlight. You can try shielding the lens by placing cardboard in front of it. This helps protect it from the sun’s beams and will give you a more visually appealing solution.

Common causes of broken garage doors

Having a broken garage door spring is not only an inconvenience, but it can also be dangerous. The spring is designed to keep the door in an upright position, but if it breaks, it can cause other parts to break.

A broken spring can be caused by a variety of things, including age, damage, and exposure to the elements. It is a good idea to have a professional check it out if you suspect it may be broken.

Having a broken spring can also cause strange behavior, such as a loud bang or a jerky movement. These are signs that you need to replace the spring. You should never attempt to repair a broken garage door spring on your own, as doing so is dangerous.

In addition, a broken spring can cause your door to run unevenly. This can cause the door to either close slowly or open quickly. It can also make it hard to open the door.

If the spring is broken, you should also check for loose cables. If they are tangled or frayed, you may need to have the cable inspected by a technician.

A broken garage door spring may also cause the door to lock. You should not try to open the door if the spring is broken. You may need to reset the Garage Door Repair in Katy TX opener.

You can also have an issue with a broken keypad. If the keypad is out of sync with the garage door opener, you may hear a humming sound. This may be due to a dead battery.

If you suspect your garage door spring has broken, you may need to replace it. It is important to have your spring replaced by an experienced technician to ensure you do not experience any further damage.

Garage Door Repair Tips in Katy TX

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